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How do I contact Ariston?

You can contact a member of the Ariston team using the details below:



Artisan Building, Hillbottom Rd, High Wycombe HP12 4HJ, UK


T: 0333 240 7777
E: techhelpdesk@aristonthermo.com

T: 0333 240 6777
E: spares.identification.uk@aristonthermo.com

T: 01494 418 540
E: marketing.uk@aristonthermo.com

T: 01494 418 585
E: training.uk@aristonthermo.com

T: 0333 240 8777
E: customer.service.uk@aristonthermo.com

T: 0333 240 6666
E: salesoffice@aristonthermo.com


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Where do you find the model and the serial number?

The boiler model and serial number will be found on the data badge sited inside the boiler casing or inside the flap on the front of the boiler. This is normally on the left hand panel on current models. (a picture of a boiler showing where the serial number is located would help explain this). If you experience any problems then please contact your installer for advice.

What do I do If I have a fault with my Ariston product?

If you have a fault with your product please call Ariston on 0333 240 8777 or email customer.service.uk@aristonthermo.com

What does my boiler warranty cover?

Ariston is obliged under this warranty to repair or replace a faulty appliance under our terms and conditions.


This warranty does not cover malfunction or damage arising from incorrect installation, commissioning or maintenance procedures as advised in the Installation and Servicing manual, inefficient flue system, poor or incorrect electricity and wiring, incorrect gas supply or pressure, tampering by inexperienced persons and any other cause not directly related to manufacture.

Who can install my boiler for me?

The installation must have been carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

How often do I need to service my boiler?

To maintain the warranty the boiler must be serviced annually either by a local Gas Safe Registered engineer or managed by Ariston directly which can be arranged by calling 0333 240 8777. If the boiler is not serviced directly through Ariston then proof service must be sent in to Ariston UK, Artisan building, Hillbottom Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, Hp12 4HJ

I'd like to extend my boiler warranty how can I do this?

If you'd like to extend your warranty please contact Ariston customer services on 0333 240 8777

What maintenance does my water heater require?

In order to obtain the best performance from the heater, the sacrificial anode must be checked every year and replaced as necessary. If the heating element is heavily coated with scale we recommend descaling and removing any lime deposit from the heater at the time of this inspection. Where the additional cold water controls are fitted, the expansion vessel will need to be recharged by the installer. The heater must be serviced annually. Failure to service which includes inspection and replacement of the sacrificial anode will invalidate warranty.

What maintenance does my unvented cylinder require?

To ensure efficient and safe operation, and to maintain the warranty, it is necesary to ensure the appliance is serviced annually by a competent person.

Can I use a water softner?

Whilst Ariston do not advise against the use of water softener devices, the end user must be advised that rapid depletion of the sacrificial anode may occur as a result of the softened water which can result in metallic grey deposit in the water.